Leaders in export
of textile products

Innovation, quality and efficiency
in knitting and manufacturing

Sustainable development

We use 100% of the fabrics. Together with strategic allies we can convert the waste to recycled products. Reducing environmental pollution.
One of the most important values we have within our company. We use the necessary tools to be able to respect delivery schedules.
From inputs to details depending on the garments made. Complying with all the requirements to facilitate the export of the collections made with 100% Peruvian cotton.

About us

Glopac SAC is a family business with more than 25 years manufacturing clothing for babies and children in Peru. Since the 70s they began exporting different products to the foreign market under another name, it was not until the mid-80s that they began with the children’s sweaters that ACVISA brought together, in the many textile fairs that they attended and under the suggestions of their own clients, the idea of specialized production of children’s clothing.

Thus it was that in 1994 Glopac SAC was founded, manufacturing knitted clothing for babies and children, under its own brands Luigi Kids, Baby Luigi and the sweaters were kept under the brand name, Claver. At the same time, it was manufactured and exported to several private brands in different countries.


We produce export garments with the highest quality standards for the foreign market, in addition, we handle different product lines according to the category of children’s fashion and the requirements of each client.

Our garments are made with cotton, tanguis and pima.

Within the lines that we handle are those of Layette, Toddler y Kids. 









Textile Processes

Machine embroidery
Hand embroidery

Brands and Clients

We work under our own brands, Luigi kids, Baby Luigi and Cleaver, and at the same time with different clients such as little English, Bailey boys, the Beaufort bonnet company among others.


In order to prepare an estimate, we need you to send us an image of your design, the types of fabrics you would like to use, the number of garments you need for each design, the number of sizes in the collection, and your logo.

Glopac SAC
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